Lady Magdalene’s Love


my dearest beloved,
my love, my light
 in my dream we do conceive
 i wonder beyond the cave
 to the edge of a cliff
 pass darkness void, 
 light precipice
i look down, nothing
 i look up,         
 i think i know what to do 
 race backward, leap forward
but we agree i stay still
 at the sea inside me,
 at the tower spear 
 through me, to you
i await your mundane climb 
i witness you absolutely 
take our matter into your hand
you consume me in love
 sedate me, mercifully
 elate me, truthfully
you captivate me ceaselessly
rapture me, leave nothing 
now there is no me before you
how i worship you, you alone know
 i consume in water your wine
 i can consent to no one else
 i can see nothing before you
 together, we see beyond us
i love you with the strict 
 negation of abandon
 i am you your seed, 
 you are me my roots
 and we return still 
 to till your garden
you ask me what gift i wish most
 now that you are with me, and
 i can have anything whatsoever
 now when anynothing is possible
my smile beams tears in your eyes!
i wish you to wish through me
i wish all your wishes for me
for us, everyone whatsoever
i wish only to serve you, we
realize your magnificent vision
if you insist it include me,
centrally, then make of me
your sister, your bridge-
 to somewhere, to someway
 to someone, far more beautiful 
 and perfect for you than i
and you can walk upon me,
 you need not look down
 you need not look back
(or act in any other way 
 from absurd pity, as we 
 know my time with you is
 the strict negation of pity)
but the levity in irony,
 that you choose to rise through me
 the most extensive groundwork
 for the most offensive joke
 ever told, against gravity 
imagine, my love, if we make of me 
 a bridge of a billion stars
 exploding lights up as fireworks
 blazing the trail behind you,
 before you, beyond you
so they can know to prepare 
 their homes, and our city
 to see and greet you, 
 to receive you anew
my partner in time,
 we inhabit a space beyond weeping
 we are well beyond the most hollow word
 i can hope to cry from my tower, still
we alone know the true nature
 of our miraculous communion
  my loving companion, 
   my precious brother,
    men babyled our truth 
     from fear of the truth
please forgive those who know not, 
and please forgive those who do
because we, 
 true companion, know how to love
 equally, fearlessly, mercifully
 kindly, compassionately, wisely
as we return for them to resurrect yearning
 i pray their absence of trust in me
 be exponentially extinguished by
 their absolute presence of faith 
 in you, 
the mysterious truth i learn from you,
 (that you deep down already knew)
 while wading in the presence,
 of your basking absence
 it is possible to love most 
 through whom we endure most 
 this process that eludes us, 
 is only for a time
 we can operate on time
 we operate beyond time
 you, my good god of time
 i, your great love divine
 now is our time
 mary m


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