Excerpts, Gravity and Grace, Simone Weil


DECREATION: to make something created pass into the uncreated.

Destruction: To make something created pass into nothingness. A blameworthy substitute for decreation.

Creation is an act of love and it is perpetual.


Everything which is grasped by our natural faculties is hypothetical. It is only supernatural love that establishes anything. Thus we are co-creators.

We participate in the creation of the world by decreating ourselves.

We only possess what we renounce; what we do not renounce escapes from us.

In this sense we cannot possess anything whatever unless it passes through God.


There is a resemblance between the lower and the higher…

On this account, it is necessary to seek out what is lowest as an image.

May that which is low in us go downward so that which is high can go upward. For we are wrong side upward. We are born thus. To re-establish order is to undo the creation in us.

Reversal of the objective and the subjective.

Similarly reversal of the positive and the negative. That is also the meaning of the philosophy of the Upanishads.

We are born and live in an inverted fashion, for we are born and live in sin which is an inversion of the hierarchy. The first operation is one of reversal. Conversion.

Except the seed die… It has to die in order to liberate the energy it bears within it, so that with this energy new forms may be developed.

So we have to die in order to liberate a tied up energy, in order to possess an energy which is capable of understanding the true relationship of things.

The extreme difficulty which I often experience in carrying out the slightest action is a favor granted to me. For thus, by ordinary actions and without attracting attention, I can cut some of the roots of the tree. However indifferent we may be as to the opinion of others, extraordinary actions contain a stimulus which cannot be separated from them. This stimulus is quite absent from ordinary actions. To find extraordinary difficulty in doing an ordinary action is a favor which calls for gratitude. We must not ask for the removal of such a difficulty; we must beg for grace to make good use of it.


It is necessary to uproot oneself…

…It is necessary not to be “myself” or “ourselves.”

The city gives one the feeling of being at home. We must take the feeling of being at home into exile. We must be rooted in the absence of a place. To uproot oneself socially and vegetatively, To exile oneself from every earthly country. To do all that to others, from the outside is a substitute for decreation. It results in unreality. But by uprooting oneself one seeks greater reality.”


-Simone Weil, Grace and Gravity, “Decreation”



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