We overworked, underpaid, and we underprivileged
They love us, they love us (why?)
Because we feed the village
You really made it or just became a prisoner of privilege?
You willing to share that information that you’ve been given?
Like who really run this?
Like who really run that man that say he run this?
Who who really run that man that say he run this, run run run run this?
Like who really fund this?
Like who really fund who say he fund this?
Like who in the world gon’ tell Donald Sterl who to put on the “you can’t come” list?
Now don’t be silly
Who the fuck gon’ bully me if I got a billi?
If I got a billi and the bitch recording me I’m like who cares
What I wouldn’t be is on TV stutterin’ ta-ta-talkin’ scared
So the question is when Don’s at home with that traitor ass bitch alone
Who’s that voice on the side of the phone that shakes and rattles his bones?
Could it be the man behind the man behind the man behind the throne?

Lyrics, Run the Jewels





if they challenge you
show them here
my love for you
perched on my sleeve
take my mother's ring 
your mother's necklace
the mastery of love
the four agreements 
anything with eight legs
everything you wrote me
and most importantly
the sequoia trees
take care please
to remember me 



                                do you wonder how i am 
                                i miss loving a friend
                                spell broken otherwise
                                to your searching soul
                                i fail you as a healer
                                also as your friend if
                                i try to come back now
                                harder pill but i will 
                                give the gift of space

where my father tried to master me 
as my husband and so with most men
when sold i did not possess myself
i chose to master love in my stead
nothing scares the masters more or
eludes their possession better she
lone is master the gods of masters


and where is home in all this?
it's not where i was born (or to whom)
and it's not where i have laid 
tell me, is it when i am with you?
or was it always only in my mind?
in this pain kill mad machine test
i came to you to escape the rest