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  1. Not Jill Stein said

    Voting third party is a good way to let marginalized groups of people know that your abstract principles are more important than their very real lives. Remember that.

  2. Mary said

    I think we share a deep concern for those marginalized by current political and economic and ideological systems of oppression, and in that vein I cannot help but smile from gratitude for your comment. Because it directs toward truth: What matters in all this is how much good impact we can create for those suffering most, how we can work directly to alleviate suffering. What I can share is that this line of thinking has been so singularly fixating for me in both my thoughts and the way I give my time, energy, and skills to public service aimed at improving the lived conditions and circumstances of those whose lives exist at the intersection of several subordinated identities, situated as they at the periphery. It is from all my own personal experiences and experiences borne from compassionate activity that I arrived at my decision to support and cast my vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary, and to vote third party in the general election (by that point, the only other option for someone with my life experiences was to not vote, but an act of omission is an act all the same, it does not absolve us from the realm of political responsibility). I have always felt and sensed more truth and capacity for systematic change in more radical and grassroots approaches (radical, in the sense of getting at the roots of the problem). I am also deeply informed by a feminist sort of thinking that requires of me to be mindful of the impact of U.S. policies on those women, children, and people of color living in conditions of poverty and war beyond our home state. To the best of my discernment at that time (and it remains with me) the decision to educate and advocate and cast my vote as I did was the only real option available to me insofar as the circumscribed decision space included do not vote, vote for Hillary Clinton, vote for Donald Trump, vote third party. But really what I hope to communicate most is that I appreciate and am grateful for the insight that stems from where your heart and head is at on all this, and the decision did not come swiftly or lightly for me, but on the heels of sincere, uncomfortable and difficult, personal reflection and deliberation.

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