Moving forward


Those who are eager to face truth reflect on the difference between attachment and love:

In reflection, they see that attachment always comes with demands or conditions. Those who know how to stand back can notice it. Using their insight, they ask themselves, “Is what I am calling love really attachment thriving under the shelter of beautiful words? Do I have any demands on the person whom I love? Is it a kind of bargain? Is it a business?”

When we put love in the category of business, it is not love. In business, we see where we get profit. There is no feeling of giving, offering, accepting, only seeing who gets more. Both parties are watching out for themselves. If this is the case in a relationship, then are we not deluding ourselves?

So when you understand this truth, you understand your relationships. Your awareness becomes different. Your perception changes. You know how to give space, how to give room. Relationships become sweeter, more meaningful. The other party starts to learn from you. Love is vast. When you encompass that vastness, then you love all. When you love all, then you really love the one whom you love.

Twelve Facets of Reality: The Jain Path to Freedom, Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanu


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