May 11, 2016: Planning our family trip to Bogota, Colombia (or, as Cary likes to call it, “Bog bog city”)


Dad, I am feeling excited and looking forward to traveling so much now especially all of us together, it has really lifted my mood and given me something to get excited about, thank you sincerely for getting tickets and making this happen! p.s. Help mom out I don’t think her passport is up to date and I am not sure how familiar she is with the process, especially if she is going to have to expedite it. I’m worried because it might be too late. If I remember right the fastest you could expedite was 30 days. I could be remembering wrong, but I am pretty sure. And she emailed me saying hers expires tomorrow.

I can get mom passport in one day. I got one last week for Atef Magda same day from Miami.

Haha. Are you serious? Same day! Jesus, cutting it close..

With me everything is same day.

I guess nothing is impossible.

The only one that can beat me in this country is you.

Pshhh, if I’m your biggest challenge then you’ll go undefeated.

I don’t know how to defeat you for the last 25 years.

I’m 30. You’re saying you could control me until I turned 5..

Yes, yes. The only one really.

What about Cary? No force on Earth or in heaven will control her. 🙂

I give up on Cary the day she born.  I am not sure she is even mine.

Liar! I am quoting you! Oh give it a rest. We both know good and well mom is 100% faithful.

Yes she is. Always I win in any situation not involving you. Once you are in it I lose lose loser. It is not okay. You just remind me when I was your age!!! Unbeatable. That is you, unbeatable girl.

Really? That might be the nicest thing you have ever said to me..

I swear to you, you are. I mean it.





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