to you, my ocean


like the ocean,

i mistook your turbulence for depth
and my vulnerability for trust

like the ocean,

i was captivated by you
i felt elation in you

like the ocean,

you would consume me, with indifference
drown me, with impunity

like the ocean,

our power asymmetry tranforms
the moment i walk away from you

and just like the ocean,

when you see me again
you will not recognize me



                                         down to the ground 

                                         lay flat on cement
                                         look up at the sky
                                         say i will be okay


as you spoke of our "failure"

my eyes fell flat on the painting
and i noticed, for the first time

that the roof was lopsided,
and the trees were rushed.

and, in fact, the whole beautiful scene lacked sense.

i realized that my mother was not perfect,
that my father was not invincible,
that i was not a child,

and that you were not a savior.