in what ways are children not their mother's equal
                  that is the sense in which they have not been ours
                  though we put their want and interests before ours
                  and though we placed their hope and ambition above
                  all else: the sober truth is we are the alchemists
                  we turned the water into wine, suffering into love

                  we absorb the pains and misery of their false gods
                  but why do we reconcile ourselves to a mad machine



                                 what a devastating defect
                                    to not have it in me
                                      to stay angry to
                                       be consumed by


hiding in the bath of tears
trying not to drown in loss
trying her best not to lose
her faith in you to grow up

why are you doing this love
to us and our what could be
and to one of my dearest is
everything you throw out so
casual with your casualties

i do not know how to cope i
did not think you were able
to stoop this low so who is
this monster what lesson am
i supposed to learn besides
i am still a fool for faith


what is this
un relenting 
pain in side
what will it
say your act
against love
what will it
take to wake 
me up stream


so for her
'if i was a snake,
you were my skin,' sake 

take solace, love 

          that in moving through you
          she moved closer too

her distraction from
the destructive ways 

of her ungodly sons

her protection from
the wiry rays of an

unruly sun