those mindless spineless meaningless 
                         cowards you remember making me laugh
                         all i see are sheep now and i cannot 
                         i need to hear that we can leave now 




                              they mined
                              hands tied
                              i chose to
                              to believe    
                              his memory
                              had failed
                              him and he
                              severity i  
                              listen too
                              you know i
                              am careful
                              forgive me
                              sister for
                              my lack of
                              it is just
                              my loss of
                              i loved so



“Properly speaking, there are in the world no such men as self-made men. That term implies an individual independence of the past and present which can never exist…No possible native force of character, and no depth of wealth and originality, can lift a man into absolute independence of his fellow men, and no generation of men can be independent of the preceding generation.”


-Frederick Douglass, “Self-Made Men”





all but done





                           the tears are dried on my face
                           i don't taste the meals and in
                           fact have not showered in days


                                         even after they
                                         sat me down too

                                         how you had let
                                         me down even so

                                         still cannot in
                                         good faith hear

                                         the truth hurts
                                         even more today

                                         you made a fool
                                         of me and of us



But, once the realization is accepted that even between the closest human beings

 infinite distances

continue to exist,


a wonderful living side by side can grow up, if they succeed in loving the distance between them


which makes it possible for each to see the other whole and against a wide sky!




–Rainer Maria Rilke




Meet Bernie Sanders

cary poem for mary





                                                    pretty isolation chamber
                                                    maiden from this octagon
                                                    writes free at last free


not until the hour matters do i learn that i do not to you



                         to love human beings 
                in so far as they are nothing
             that is to love them as God does

-Simone Weil




“In this world, only those people who have fallen to the lowest degree of humiliation, far below beggary, who are not just without any social consideration but are regarded by all as being deprived of that foremost human dignity, reason itself – only those people, in fact, are capable of telling the truth. All the others lie.”

                                                                        -Simone Weil



Where God is Woman



in this wise:

“Let us change about. You be man, and I will be God. For only one second.”

God smiled gently and asked him, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“No. And you?”

“Yes, I am,” God said.

Nevertheless he granted man’s desire. He became a man, and the man took his place and immediately availed himself of his omnipotence: he refused to revert to his previous state. So neither God nor man was ever again what he seemed to be.

Years passed, centuries, perhaps eternities. And suddenly the drama quickened. The past for one, and the present for the other, were too heavy to be borne.

As the liberation of the one was bound to the liberation of the other, they renewed the ancient dialogue whose echoes come to us in the night, charged with hatred, with remorse, and most of all, with infinite yearning.”

-Elie Wiesel, The Town Beyond the Wall, p. 179.