To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. -Thomas Campbell


Comrade Babylon
 you have heavied my heart 

 you, who had lifted me
not seldom, from despair

if they only knew
  how much they owe you
  how sincere a thank you

from day one, mike said 
we were made for each other

       and we went,  made for each other

                              we fought off hany
                              we fought over sean

through years, through tears
 you stayed alongside me

     my companion, my Bobo man
      unlike dog's best friend, you loved me

              now my spirit is broken, my eyes burned dry
               they, like i, lie
                        but you knew the truth

you kept me alive back when
remember us then

              bruised and bewildered
               blood, on my knees
                 you came to me
                 you gave to me
                 reason to stay
                 reasons to say

thank you, i love you, and i will miss you

                        my little Italian fox
                        my climate change denier
                        my beautiful, darling 

IMG_1628 (2)Profile pic 12 (2)

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