New Year


I rung in the New Year with my parents, grandmother, Sean, and Brett. We played some pretty priceless rounds of Taboo together, then checked out the downtown fireworks display from nearby Cascades Park. We enjoyed a pleasant stroll together around the park, and plenty of laughter.

On New Year’s Day, I got to see my good friend, Rob, who happened to be passing through town. Along with another friend of ours, Matthew, we discussed life, love, religion, politics, and our New Year’s resolutions, goals, hopes, ambitions. I told them my New Year’s resolution was to grow The Tallahassee Timebank into one of the largest, most successful, and resilient community timebanks in the world, then I said I’d settle for the United States, then they recommended the Southeastern region- I have been blessed with  friends that reign in my idealism to manageable parameters. I look up to the two of them very much (they are both so full of life and energy!), and felt very good to have started my year in such quality company. They both inspire me to want to be a better version of myself, and what more can you ask for in friends..

I also sent in my abstract for an upcoming conference to be hosted by Hypatia, and the American Philosophical Association Committee on the Status of Women. Its on the topic of diversity, and how to argue for it in the face of increased corporatization of university education (i.e. how to pitch arguments for the need to diversify in the language of money talks, bullshit walks, as my mother would say).

I also had the opportunity to hear an Irish folk music group play live at the Skyline Motor Lounge on Friday, which was a real treat (made me miss Ireland!) And stayed up late again in quality conversation with friends. Last night, I went to a board game night with friends, and really had a wonderful time. The semester work week starts back up tomorrow, and I promised myself to stick to a pretty structured work schedule. Today, Sunday, a number of friends will be arriving back into town, so I’m hoping to mostly just celebrate their return and enjoy my last day of break.


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