For every rainy day, probably ever again.


Loved your enthusiasm and transparency, so open with us.

Honestly the best course/class I’ve ever taken. This class made me think about life in a more critical way. I think everyone should take a class like this at some point. I loved going to class and learning in here, and actually enjoyed some of the work, such as the capstone paper. Thank you so much for being such an amazing instructor and person and making this class my absolute favorite. If you teach any other classes in the future, I definitely want to take them. Good luck with everything!

This class was easily the best class I have ever taken. It made me think critically about society and made me realize that I like philosophy more than I thought I would. The ways you guys spoke so passionately about the topics that were studied in this class made it so enjoyable and easy to absorb the information. Most of the readings were enjoyable and easy to read as well as fun to discuss in class. (I just really loved this class and would take it again if I could.)

Good class, happy I took it.

You all rock.

Great thought provoking class, opened my eyes to many issues in society.

I really enjoyed the course and the material. It opened my eyes to some thoughts I had been blind to. Thank you for a great semester!

Keep incorporating the Jon Stewart clips, funny and relatable!

The class was awesome!

This course opened my eyes to a lot of issues regarding race, class, and gender that I wasn’t aware of. Loved your energy, the in class dialogues and the additional sources that were sent via email regarding current events.

I enjoyed the class mostly due to the fact that my teacher was extremely helpful and understanding when it came to important things.

Enjoyed the class, you guys were awesome 🙂

This course changed the way I look at inequality in America and throughout the world. The information was clear and informative.

Loved learning and coming to this class. You made it very fun and interesting.

Great class, challenging but fair.

Great class overall, very interesting and eye opening. Thank you for everything 🙂

I liked how all the lectures allowed students to participate 100%. It really helped engage my attention.

Great discussions, amazing class

I adored this class. I recommended it to all my friends. This is a class that genuinely made me smarter and socially aware. Also- you are one of my favorite instructors I’ve ever had! Thank you for a wonderful semester. I’m gonna miss this class..

I really enjoyed this class!!

I found this course very interesting as well as enlightening and I found Mary, Kevin, and Jeff to be helpful and informative instructors.

This class opened my eyes up to a lot of issues that I knew existed but had never really inquired about. The class environment was so welcoming that unlike most of my classes I looked forward to coming every afternoon.

No improvements needed

Hope to have more courses with you in the future!

I am very glad I took this class. It definitely opened my eyes to many issues in society.

Professor Marcous is an extremely engaging and energetic teacher. She has an incredible tenderness towards minority groups and really helped me to develop a new enlightened understanding of differences. If I could take another one of her courses next semester I would not hesitate.

Loved this course 🙂

Loved this class! It really broadened my perspective on things.

This class was awesome!! It opened my eyes to so many issues and made me think critically about our society. I enjoyed most of the readings as well. Beyond that, the way the class was conducted was fantastic. Everyone felt comfortable talking and giving their viewpoint which I haven’t seen in many other classes. Professor Marcous made the class lively and engaging to the point where I actually enjoyed coming to class and listening to not only the professor speak, but all the students as well.

Thank you for such a fantastic semester!! Keep doing what you are doing, because it is working.

I liked the open environment and level of discussion in this class.

Mary is fantastic! Super passionate + witty + engaging

This class was truly an eye opener for me. I tend to think more about what I say to people now.

The study guides were very helpful 🙂

I thought this class was very interesting and eye opening, just personally difficult to study for.

Some of the course material is difficult to understand, but I believe through your experiences, classmates’ experiences, your slides and occasional videos (which I love), you helped the class effectively understand the material.


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