I started to account for myself. No doubt, a sign of my age. The cows and the pasture symbolize my affinity for those that depend on us most, and that we unwittingly do the most harm toward.
More specifically, the scene represents some of the happiest memories of my life, so many of which were with Sean- but also with Izzy, Harley, Dixie, Andrea, Eddy, Lori, Cary, and Billy.
I went there with Sean to escape some of the hardest spaces in my life. It was there that I learned I wasn't alone. I simply could not have fashioned the connection I shared with Sean from my imagination. I Knew that, in a way that I have known little since. There was my most poignant experience of love, my paradise after personal hell. Any time since then, I would be obliged to admit deep gratitude for the range of my experience.