Sean was saying how crazy-tired parents look when they come to pick up their kids from the after school program where he works (presumably, at the end of the parent’s work day). Likewise, Sean is always recounting how wild and crazy the kids are: sometimes comical, sometimes outrageous (usually, its both). According to Sean, “Having one kid, I can get…maybe, as some  sort of inopportune,  hard-wired psychological human drive to procreate as a means to cope with human existential angst. Having two kids, you’re pushing it, but maybe so the first kid can have a peer, y’know, learn how to interact with authority and equals.” But, Sean added: “More than two kids and, according to Sean, “You are f#%@ing crazy. Period. You are out of your f%$&ng mind. And if you’re not, you’re sure going to be.”


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