You have to adapt.


It’s true that I have long been of the (unpopular) opinion that technology will ultimately be the end of civil society. Therefore, hyper-vigilant as I am about trying to translate my values into action, I had for a long time resolved myself to the simplest of cell phone technologies, a $12 (plus tax) number I purchased from Wal-Mart that had allowed me to text and receive calls, as well as set an alarm on its good days– everything a simpleton like myself could ever have wanted.


Alas, after hundreds of falls and brushes with death, my phone’s dip last week into the toilet bowl pool–probably in conjunction w/ my premature testing of God’s will on the matter (see earlier posts)–resulted in its final demise. I had no choice but to go to T-Mobile today and look into a replacement. My new phone is what the young folks call a “smart” phone. I don’t know how to use most of it yet, but I did manage to figure out a dial out–so I did what I do best, and called Sean for advice. I told him I didn’t understand half of the apps on my phone, and my finger was too fat to send text messages quickly, but that there were some super cool features– for example, a navigation app for my car! And insta- internet access! I asked him if he had any advice, to which he wisely suggested: “Now, just remember Mary, you need to play it cool. Most of these ‘magic features’ you are freaking out about people have been using since the mid-1990’s–so you’re going to want to bottle up your excitement on this one, k?”. Good advice, I thought. And fast forward our conversation a few minutes to our first text message exchange on my new phone:


Me:  Got my new phone.

Sean: Nice! Finished my article! Just in time! I win!

Me: Nice! Go Bamboo 🙂

Me: Sorry, I don’t know how to get out of incorrect yet.

Me: Boo boo*

Sean: Lol. Autocorrect. Welcome to first world problems, Marebear

Me: Auto correct*  😦



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