Sea Cows


Gang field trip–Edwin, Jeff O, Sean, Bilbo, Agata, Chad, Em, Thane, Gabsticles, and me–kayaking the beautiful Wakulla River yesterday. Edwin snapped this photo of the super cute manatee family we saw: (from left to right) Mee-maw, Pee-paw, and Baby-bear.


We also spotted several alligators, and a water moccasin! And I’m pretty sure it was the closest I have been to any of these animals. Kayaking was a  ton of fun, despite the fact that they had run out of two-person kayaks, which undermined my original plan to serve in the role of group navigator, while one of mis amigos favoritos handled the paddling.


Let’s see, when we got underneath the second bridge (half way point), Gabs helped the crew celebrate by distributing Airheads. On the way back home, Jeff O let me have control of the  i-pod (i.e. car music)–b/c he knows how much that means to me, and I tried to only select classics: Gangsta’s Paradise, Fiest, 2Pac… I’m sure the trend is clear here. Any who, the next time most of us will get to hang out again is in France (thats right, we’re going to mother-f@#%n France, ya’all), and I thought this kayaking trip made for a perfect hold-over. Beautiful day, finest of company.


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