Pan·a·ce·a /ˌpanəˈsēə/ noun: a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.


Things i don’t want to forget about yesterday’s beach adventure. chatting with Tracie and Ben in the hall about the upcoming philosophy of  sex course, attempting to get all the immature jokes and puns about oral examinations and what not out of our system from now. then trying to print out directions with Adam and Ben, while they made fun of me for being stuck in the dark ages w/o a smart phone. then walking out to the parking lot to see all those lovely smiling faces.  Jay arriving to the rendezvous location already hungry. all of stock piling in cars and blaring our music and re-hashing our semester summaries, grades, summer plans, TA assignments. Edwin explaining everything about the world to us, while his sheeple awed over his incredible depth and breadth of knowledge. listening to Jay’s thoughtful and inspiring ideas for a future fundraising venture to assist malaria prevention and treatment efforts. family bonding time in the car, as Jay updated us on his love life. Adam saying awesome possum, every time he says it. the drive- through-debacle at burger king.  the beautiful perfect weather and water and sun shine. a wonderful drive, both ways. great conversation, plenty of laughter. laying out and tanning with Edwin, with the (understood) these-bodies-don’t-happen-by-accident attitudes. playing frisbee with Adam and Jay in the wa-wa. Hannah explaining to Mirja, Josh, and the rest of us how to fend off a bear (which, in case you are wondering, involves the seemingly counter-intuitive move of yelling, “No bear…..not today!” at the top of your lungs, right in the bear’s face, while flailing you arms….) which I still don’t buy, but alas, Hannah is a the Ontario Ranger, not I. seeing that big crab keep peek its head out occasionally from its little hole in the universe to snoop on our whereabouts. our group discussion about the movie Birds, then Hannah’s ballsy move to hold her hand out while a flock of sea gulls (which, as Jeff O so helpfully likes to remind us non-bird-experts, do not, in fact, exist–have him explain it to you) came and took food right out of her hand, hovering over our heads, creating a shadow of darkness over our little camp site (which, after we had just got through re-living the Birds childhood-movie-nightmare-marathon, made me super squeamish). Jay and Adam’s autism-inspired-sandcastle-operation (about 20-or-so single ((roughly)) bucket-shaped  piles of sand evenly distributed one from another). Brad, Adam, and Jay trying to make beach football look cool. my favorite activity: the whole group getting together to play football after Brad gave  Mirja and I a two minute run-down of the overall structure and rules of the game. Football was the best part, super fun game! Brad’s (perhaps, most ingenious yet) idea to capitalize on my strengths at the game by using me as a no-role-that-involves-actually-handling-the-football play, where I served as an effective decoy (if I do say so myself) by wailing super-loudly as I acted out the role of a wounded (star-)player. My acting was so spot on, that I’m pretty sure everyone believed it–even the people on my own team. At least that’s how it felt like it went down in my head, and this is my blog post, soooo yeah, let’s call that reality. Josh and Edwin’s discussion of anti-monopoly laws. looking up, on more than one occasion, to notice every person carrying on a conversation with either a smile on their face or in laughter, and like the little mummy bird that I am, feeling quite pleased with myself. of course, swimming in the ocean. feeling free from another semester, from others, from everything. stock piling back in the car and dinner at Seafarer’s Wife (I think that was restaurant name)  which was a ma-and-pa operation run out of a little sea-side house, where our fellow diners, and our server, were well into senior years. which i thought was actually really nice. everyone seemed to love the sea food. and I tried fried green tomatoes for the first time, and loved them. Brad , Jeff O and I conferencing some on must-see movies for this summer, as well as hearing out Brad’s pet theories on the direction Game of Thrones will take. getting everyone back home, safe and sound, saying our good byes, making more plans, and ending the trip with good nights and love you guys and the it-was-nice-to-meet-you’s being distributed with a generosity of spirit that, again, would make any mummy bird proud. and how incredibly lucky i am to have such great  humans  surrounding me.


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