February 25, 2013


Sometimes it is easier to see clearly into the liar than into the man who tells the truth. Truth, like light, blinds. Falsehood, on the contrary, is a beautiful twilight that enhances every object.

-Albert Camus, The Fall


February 25, 2013


aren’t you

riddled don’t you

think it worth the view, too-

yield this life to

rhapsody wielded in

stead fast truths in stead

February 22, 2013

fear you’re headed nowhere fast, and she’s headed in the opposite direction and even faster, that you insist on calling her a bitch, despite her making it painfully clear to you how painfully triggering the term even in jest is to her of all the more painful portions of her history and that despite her best effort to ignore it makes her remember negatively so where empathy fails  maybe self interest will prevail. resolve your self to look out for your self and find another word or at least have the foresight to leave her alone

February 21, 2013

see gold hills, you say

we’re an unlikely team

but with your talent

my serendipitous foresight

we’ll know when to put on

our spectacular spectacles



February 15, 2013

February 15, 2013

the worst lie ever

i told, was sold


a week ago

weak,  i  know

February 15, 2013


and man that railroad walk

how could you not miss that

piggy back helping me over the fence

watching me point out the dead snake

humoring my suggesting otherwise

and i remember now

how i thought back then

that i’d never laughed so hard

and that i hadn’t been that happy in a while

February 15, 2013