Gratitude: Lake Talquin Camping Trip & My New Radio Clock


January 4th-6th- Enjoyed an amazing camping trip to Lake Talquin with  my incredible friends (Gabs, Ryan, Charlie, Agata, Chad, Jeff, Cary and Sean) , our awesome dogs, Cheddar and Izzy (Agata/Chad’s dog, Sean’s dog)…..and Billy came too. (We had agreed it was the perfect way to celebrate Carebear’s b-day weekend.) Found out (the hard way) two people *do not* fit into one sleeping back comfortably, overnight , and that dogs will be best friends on a camping trail until they get hungry for the same smoldering pile of horseshit- then its a no holds barred shit show. I also learned the three necessary components for starting a fire- oxygen, energy source, and …there was a third. I can’t remember, I just remember my guess was ‘lighter’. My eggnog whiskey  was well received. Poker was fun. Billy insisted on referring to himself, in the third person, as ‘Big Dawg’, but failed to accompany the reference with an alternate persona. He also kept bringing up to the group that I didn’t technically invite him. I quickly pointed out that his claim was a lie, as I distinctly recalled inviting him the second I found out my team was in need of tent supplies. Billy also found a bunch of mushrooms in the woods and fed them to all my friends (except me). I tried to explain that his ability to eat them first w/o immediately noticeable ramifications only spoke to his built up immunity to his own stupidity, and not to the safety of the mushrooms themselves. Alas, it fell on deaf ears, and everyone but me ate them, loved them, and Billy (much to my chagrin) became the little belle of our camp ball. Campfire songs started strong, but then Cary and Billy started singing the most random ass shit, Cary’s (repeated) contribution was:

and Bilbo went with the Armageddon classic, Aerosmith’s ‘Don’t want to Miss a Thing’. Finally, Gabs, pretty far gone by this point in the evening, chimed in with a remake of Alicia Key’s ‘Girl on Fire’ song,  simply by replacing ‘girl’ with ‘wood’– which was  actually probably my favorite camp fire song of the evening.


January 6th -Plus, Cary loaded new music on my IPOD ,and I made out like a bandit at Goodwill with the purchase of a radio clock ,…that can also charge and play my IPOD …for $7….wha?!!!! 2013 , baby!


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