November 30, 2012

Taboos on Whileaway: sexual relatons with anybody considerably older or younger than oneself, waste, ignorance, offending others without intending to. And of course the usual legal checks on murder and theft- both those crimes being actually quite difficult to commit (328).


There’s no being out to late in Whileaway, or up too early, or in the wrong part of town, or unescorted. You cannot fall out of the kinship web and become sexual prey for strengers, for there is no prey and there are no strangers- the web is world-wide.

In all of Whileaway there there is no one who can keep you from going where you please (though you may risk your life, if that sort of thing appeals to you), and no one will follow you and try to embarrass you by whispering obscenities in your ear, no one will attempt to rape you, no one will warn you of the dangers of the street, no one will stand on street corners, hot-eyed and vicious, jingling loose change in his pants pocket, bitterly bitterly sure that you’re a cheap floozy, hot and wild, who likes it, who can’t say no, who’s making a mnt off it, who inspires him with nothing but disgust, and who wants to drive him crazy (329).

Source: Part II: Dystopias and Utopias, “Janet’s World”, from The Female Man by Joanna Russ


November 29, 2012

A man’s work is nothing but his slow trek

to rediscover through the detours of art

those two or three great and simple images

in whose presence his heart first opened.


-Albert Camus

The Coolio Paradox

November 27, 2012

You got to,  got to,  get up –

to get down.


It was I who made the mistake of mentioning 90’s hip hop sensation Coolio to Sean; which sent us down the path of a Coolio greatest hits hour via youtube. Here’s my top pick, for all the obvious reasons (not the least of which is the incorporation of magic, and cutting edge cinematography , that greets viewers in the opening scene), of best stumbled upon Coolio music video in the last 24 hours:

thanksgiving highlights

November 23, 2012


Called my mom to see how Thanksgiving plans were going, only to get my sister on the line, pretending to be my dad, and then relaying the following messages on behalf of my father, who was strategically situated a mere few feet from our conversation:


Cary: Dad wants to know when you are getting here.

Me: He already knows I’m not coming. I have too much work.

Cary: Dad said he’ll pay you $100 for gas to just come down.

Me: It’s not about money. I told him I have too much school work…

Cary (now giggling): Whoah, get dressed. Dad said he’ll pay me $500 bucks to drive to Tallahassee and pick you up.

Me: I’m still not..

Cary (delivered in her signature tone of indifference): Now, Dad said if you don’t come for Thanksgiving he’s going to shoot himself.


(Both of us bust out laughing..)

Me: It always escalates so quickly with him.

Cary: Yea, yep. Oh, looks like dad wants to say Hi.

Dad: Why you trying to ruin my Thanksgiving? Everyone’s here. You’re going to make me look bad.

Me: I love you too, dad. Remember, I explained I couldn’t…

Dad: Okay, I love you. Listen, try and come down baby. If you leave at 8:00 am tomorrow, you can get here by 12:00. Then you can have turkey with us. And you can sleep here at Teta’s and leave the next morning back to Tallahassee.

Bragging  during our Thanksgiving picnic at the  park that I can’t for the life of me understand why people make such a big thing about how hard it is to start a fire. (After starting a fire within  mere seconds, using only my two bear hands, a bag of instant-light coal from Winn-Dixie, and an electric fire starter.)

Being on the winning team of our Thanksgiving frisbee golf championship, despite not knowing enough about the sport to have thought up any effective means for cheating. I decided I was still willing to count this as a braggable win, though I always have more respect for anytime when game-integrity-compromising moves can be successfully maneuvered, below the radar of unsuspecting opponents (and more ethically-handicapped teammates).

Successful first grilling endeavor– veggie skewers complete with yummy tofurkey sausage (that were a hit even amongst the omnivores).

Aron’s incredibly yummy vegan pecan pie

Walking into Michael’s house just in time to  see him in his adorable green cooking apron, getting all huffy about the challenges of the vegan lentil loaf dish he was devising especially on my behalf. A wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at the Ruse’s, filled with numerous, memorable one-liners, plenty of glasses of wine, cozy fireside chatting, and loads of laughter.


Michael’s Thanksgiving toast

Jeff O’s vegan crumb cake

My brother’s Thanksgiving post to the family

Mom’s Thanksgiving e-card

Having somewhere safe and quiet to rest my super-exhausted self post the day’s festivities


November 22, 2012


Come to me, clear and cold
On some sea
Watch the world spinning waves
Mad machine


Come down, come down

sweet reverence
unto my simple house

and ring


-Gregory Alan Isakov, The Stable Song

November 22, 2012

The most thought-provoking thing

in our thought-provoking time

is that we are still not thinking.

-Martin Heidegger