Wild Edible Foraging Walk: Late Summer Season


Today went from 0 to 10 in a wildly fortunate, largely unplanned series of events. Billy called me (while I was in mopey-town USA) and reminded me about a wild edible foraging event that was taking place today near Governor’s Park (that I had been all gung-ho about a month back). I was at my 0 and almost didn’t answer the phone, then was flailing on whether or not it would really be worth it, especially given I might run into Sean (who would probably be upset with having to see me) and the chance forecast of rain (because, God forbids, water falls from the sky and washes all the cozy layers of bullshit we worry about away). After a little consideration, I decided I really just wanted to see and hang out with Billy. And maybe this little learning excursion into mother nature, along with his good company, would lift my spirits; and it most certainly did.


As luck would have it (Jay status appeared to be at an all time high, perfect time to say goodbye, would he come back like Jordan?), when I went to pick up Billy, Izzy saw me and came running to the door and started freaking out, crying and whimpering and kissing and licking my face frantically (not to mention peeing all over the floor). Sean followed behind her (not the whimpering and kissing and licking my face part…or the peeing on the floor part, but the  part of expressing the most genuine and overdue embrace of affection I had received from this world in a good, long while).


Billy and I convinced Sean to join us on the little adventure, and we all ended up having a pretty awesome time. We learned about all kinds of wild and edible plants, with all kinds of super useful properties (from nutritional to aborting to hallucinogenic…there was something for the whole Christian family).


I stepped in an ant pile (like a pro) and Sean said I was the group’s “weakest link”, which made me laugh pretty hard. Billy found a glow in the dark mushroom, plus we saw wild garlic and cucumber, and ate all kinds of different berries and leaves. Gabs, Hannah, and Martha all were there  too—so there were plenty of friendly faces in on the trail. The funniest part was when the guide showed us some plant that has properties that can help re-grow  human hair….lets just say, I’ve never seen Sean slingshot his way up to the front of a crowd of people that fast in my life! (The boy is nothing without his flowing locks, or so he fears.)


Towards the end of our guided tour it did started raining; so we wandered back through the gorgeous green canopy covered trail, enjoying the cool drops of rain on our skin, the beauty of the sound of the pattering and the and vision of mist rising back up from the ground, the laughter  among friends.


The excuses we make for not doing even the stuff we want to be doing most —or being with the people we want to be with most—the things we often fear irrationally, subconsciously— for all our fears and insecurities—and Izzy, Sean, and the rain were the best parts for me. The chance of rain—the opportunity for communion– should have been my motivating vision to begin with, I thought to myself.


One Response to “Wild Edible Foraging Walk: Late Summer Season”

  1. wisewisher said

    Lovely post 🙂
    More like stepping into that ant pile… LIKE A BOSS

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