got us into our first substantive fight. and the session ended the way i remeber modern logic would always end last semester: the reverberating echo, ‘the jig is up, mary.’ i wanted to say something like, listen, you really can do much, much better than me. and i’m wasting your time. because that’s what i do, i waste people’s time and energy. i couldn’t even run without coughing up the truth. hany would have loved hearing me get reprimanded. i did learn about the pole in the barn paradox, though, and now i can explain it fairly well myself, thanks to my (way-too-smart-to-be-hanging-out-with-me) friend, aron. anyways, i can’t get work done. i’ve been trying for hours now, but i can’t bracket my mindless chattering; so i’m going to watch a movie i just got invited to instead.


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