‘Some people hear voices. Some see invisible people. Others have no imagination whatsoever.’ -Anonymous





Henrietta is definitely this summer’s new and improved Lake Ella. It’s quieter and wilder and lonelier and perfect. I saw an alligator and a snake there last week.There are always a few men fishing quietly and one older gentleman who rides his bike there regularly. He gave me theĀ  heads up on where the alligator was laying out. He also let me know the distance around the lake: 1.3 miles. Other than that, it’s just me. I have Jeff O. to thank for first taking me to this spot. We went there in search of doves. Now, it’s just me walking around and thinking and day dreaming until my feet hurt. The coolest part is that, so far, all my memories at Henrietta are perfect: me perfectly content and genuinely moved and altogether inspired. Nobody bothers me there. Nothing has bothered me there so far.

set it off


if the black fisherman wasn't there
 wearing his cross
 minding his line
 weathered worn
 biding his time
 tethered born
 i wouldn't have wanted
 i wouldn't half want
 i wouldn't have stayed so long
 i couldn't have played as long
 i couldn't have passing away pulses
 i want him to please stay with me
 to pray watch over me
 to care for me from his distance
 say there alligator
 say there leave her be
 you best leave her be
 keep your eyes on your future
 that wandering girl isn't it
 that walking girl is with me


 in this sea monster of blockbuster narratives
 she looks at least lackluster
 so you fuck her


“Finally, Mary comes through for us.” -Piers

(Last week of class, Modern Logic I)


by polar bears
a collection of thoughts