Wrong, (still) maybe


‘If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal,
not to people or things.’ -Albert Einstein

‘Lingering in,
what about the sweetness we knew
what about what’s good, what’s true
from those days?’

-Sun Kil Moon, lyrics

I’d love to think the haphazard style and miserable ambiguity with which I have gone about engaging those few I have hoped to keep close over the years has been successful. I am not convinced, however, whatsoever, that I could not have done a better job. The issue is, and has always been, that (and this has been a point I can be obnoxiously vocal about) it makes no rational sense to me to commit to three of the four sub-categories of nouns–i.e. ‘persons’, ‘places’, or ‘things’–leaving only ‘ideas’, which beautiful, worthwhile, and infinitely entertaining as they are (and they are!), it is the prospect of sharing them with an Other, who genuinely understands them and us, that rejuvenates our efforts. Long story short, I reserve my verdict regarding commitment to ‘persons’, pending further investigation.


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