dreams are so weird. and i wish i had written down the details of this one i had last night. someone was giving a gift to me (but i was my mom) and then a person who physical-appearance-wise was my buela i understood to be my mom, and then the person who physical appearance-wise was my mom, i was understanding as cary (my mom’s best friend). my mind understood the interactions unfolding in the dream like this, w/out drawing out the logical inconsistencies. which made me think of a report i had heard from a friend or on the npr (i can’t remember now) about a brain trauma situation wherein the person could remember people he/she was very close to (like a wife and children) but had no memory of their faces. or something like that. weird weird. but the experience in the dream last night made that kind of a weird condition seem to make more sense to me how maybe it could happen.


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