lesson of the day: sometimes you go bird watching and you think ‘this is whatever. okay, this might be cool’ and then you spot 63 birds (!) and you are like ‘this is a freak’n awesome hobby, sign me up’


Our First Bird Watching Adventure

By: Mary M.

Based on a a few true stories and a really good Disney movie and dedicated to Jeff  o

Among his many gifts, my friend Jeff O. is a professional birdwatcher. He had been recruited by the OBF (Organization of Birdwatching freaks) at the tender age of 2 when he was spotted by a surveyor, entirely unprompted, nurturing a little baby bird by regurgitating his Gerber back up into his mouth and allowing the baby bird to suckle it out as a life support for its malnourished little birdy body. 10 years of professional training and 12 missions later, he was called in for what would amount to the most challenging mission ever assigned to him by the OBF: the confirmation of spotting of a Vermillion Flycatcher (a super pretty bright red birdy that can zoom in and peck out the eyeballs of little human babies from literally miles above the earth’s surface) in North East FL’s St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge. Jeff O. was no fool. He knew this mission was bigger than him, that he would have to recruit someone with the raw talent and wherewithal to spot this little red mistress of murder within the blink of an eye: enter me. With no formal training in birding or nature or woods or how to use binoculars or general navigation skills, I still managed to help Jeff O. document a probable spotting, (along with a world record setting documentation of over 60 other NE FL birdy spottings!). At first he was skeptical, “It definitely wasn’t a cardinal,” he surmised, “but maybe it was a Tanger. Although, its very rare they’d be here at this time of year.’  ‘You’re talking crazy!’, I shouted. ‘We both know what I saw out there. Now write it down so we get credit for it and I can brag about it to all my friends. Then, call the OBF and let them know mission 13 was a success for the illustrious Jeff O.’ My good deed for the day.

The weather and spirit of the day was glorious. We walked down a really pretty grass path alongside the Gulf of Mexico (where we saw a doggy that looked a little like a bear) Then, we walked out to the edge of a jetty of shells.  I turned to Jeff O.and said: ‘Look Jeff O. everything the light touches is our kingdom.’ and Jeff O. was like ‘Wow.’ and I was like, ‘You see, Jeff O., my time as superior birdwatching expert will rise and fall like the sun. And one day, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new superior birdwatching expert.’ and Jeff O., pointing out beyond the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico turned to me and asked, astonishingly, ‘so this will all be mine?’

‘everything.’, I said. ‘everything the light touches.’

The end.


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