saw you in the wild

knew you in the wild

you were nervous, you were furious
you were very sure-footed
your dreams and intentions
full of wonder and amazement
the fire in your eyes
you were in your disguise
you were haunted you were hollow
you could not see tomorrow

in the books, in the trees
you were spreading your beliefs
and their hats all went off to you
they were trying to show respect for you

holding onto high ideals
living incongruously
you were there among the leaves
your needs were directing you
and the wilderness, it spoke to you
they were threatening to choke you
you were always aware
you could sense that i was there

i could tell by your look
you came from a book
and i read many times
all your funniest lines
and the branches with the sages
i turned all the pages
we were two sets of eyes
two fires burning behind

in the wild,
i saw you in the wild
i knew you in the wild’

-Lyrics: Saw You in the Wild (Great Lake Swimmers)


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