account for time-lapse photography


so the problem is something like this: not much is out of bounds in the name of shuffling through frames quickly enough to keep my attention so the party in Jax was lovely and classy and spin the tale on the donkey bites some planning for sky diving catching up with old friends cultured contained refined and bid them ado fully intending to make it back to Tally maybe meet up cary and bilbo or meet up with roommates but it would be chill non nonsense eve of drinking and my nerve wires calculating alternatives end full stop. and it all started when i stopped for gas and souped up super bright cars with massive metallic rims and big deal african exchanges and cat calling so just pay to pump but whats this one of the boys is behind me in line and will not be planning on not saying something on his mind are you guys racing? yeah come check out my wheels bright bright blue and blaring their presence had taken over this gas station and it was intoxicating: they were living loudly at least for the evening Trevor explained who’s car was who’s car and who should of stayed home let me mess with the buttons and lights like a little kid with no inkling as to what kind of world these video game controllers summoned ride with me? it’s a 30 minute deck two of the bridges the bridges! not worried about the cops since when is a sly smile and crazy eye good enough a reply i can’t say but smearing the colorful lights of downtown with our windows wide open and the zig zag mania of maniacal disregard but i was on too high to feel music syncing up with my heart beat and the frequencies and who’s the girl Mary laughing by the water and you do what? read, really just in school reading and the laughs at this house are the best most robust and contagious laughs i have ever heard in my entire life and the scene okay one of the last thirteen major decisions i made got me here the linen lines room are not safe i can’t play here long but the intrigue and amusement over a phd candidate in philosophy you do grin when you consider this context-dependent absurdity of presence even when immediately accepted charming enough and accessible. but i’m still driving and just like he promised the gas station my car just where it was left why don’t you just stay? no i promised i’d make a drive to daytona (closer than tally, and safer bet) church in the morning Trevor’s super serious punch line alright let me see what i can pull big fan of the afro-baptist church experience and drive music up let’s see pretending the whole way down my car was souped sophisticated windows and radio waves and this can’t be too unlike being air borne. then home to this safe and simple warm welcoming little niche i have dug up that isn’t home but where he and i watch movies and the dogs lick my face and love on us sharing space-time intimately giving him a hard time and everything is removed so removed from my world this homespun all-american nocturnal cocoon morning comes and i take off quietly make through to Jax stop by for church and meet the whole lovely family and singing no one sings better and i’m confident the holiest places on earth happen in afro churches and every hat leaves paint brush pining on the heart thank you pastor the service was lovely and the dining hall i gave this outline on last week’s lecture on the distinction between soul and body grand group discussion and feel so safe and welcomed and our minds turned to the biscuits and gravy mill and finally got some coffee in my system in time to ca ruise back to tally just in time to crash in my bed just long enough to greet the next evening’s plans. fair enough questions to be greeted with how why when was surprise trip to Jacksonville and how do you go all night us you haven’t slept yet and Travis and me watch colbert and i finish my sub to divide the next day beginning end full stop.


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