Day 2: Costa Rica y Panama


July 6, 2011

San Jose, Costa Rica to Turrialba, Costa Rica (and back)

our first long bus ride and turbulence twists and turns on curves swerving mountain bends kilometers are hour long ventures and poor dan felt like he may get sick and its almost three hours of bouncing bus we busied ourselves with topics to include deliberation concerning god’s existence (typical philosopher ‘small talk’) and its great conversation always with dan always so patient with me and then arrival.  guayabo national archeological site and remains of ancient city ruins that have only recently been excavated and we take the trail through the ruins and we eavesdrop on tour guides and guided tours and it’s okay guys really we can’t speak a lick of Spanish by the by but they are moving too slow for us anyways. and so we finish that trail and embark on a second one where we seem to be the only four feet and its wild bugs and crazy sounds and brush and debris and dan doomed to walk through several spider webs and spiders on my legs and swatting through silk that day and mosquitoes making their rounds round and around about our heads and we are squeamish sharing laughs over the absurdity of this unmaintained and hazardous little rendezvous through this lengthier path less traveled and the bus will be late that day so we sit and wait to discover we will have to stand and wait for the duration of some bus rides. and we’ll end up back in Galileo listening to brian as he explains his interview experience with the journalist from Lonely Planet and then john will tell us about 60 cent guarro shots (a local rum that will end up being my official alcohol of choice while in CR) at the Crowne Royal Plaza Hotel & Casino (only a few blocks away) and so duh. dan and I head over. and we meet max, who will be the first stray dog of many to adopt us for a day. max follows us crossing busy intersections and quiet side streets and listening to our calls and following our cues and bidding us ado when we came upon our final destination and i think he loved us and i know we loved him and dan him and i were just one big happy family for several blocks and a few short minutes that evening on July 6th. then dan and i went on to bear an uncanny resemblance to any old couple you may ever happen upon in any casino in any town, USA. drinking and drinking three  four five doubleshots of guarro and drunk and i’m going to throw a fit over my tab being mishandled and dan is going have me watch as he blows through some four dollars of change on some select slot machines. and he orders fries at the bar because they are his absolute favorite food on this planet (along with NY and Jersey style pizza) and its just a great wonderful perfect night to me. we wander wavering  through the wee hours back to our hostel and with plenty of reasons to justify not remembering our walk back to Galileo that night   i am happy to report i did not (will not) forget that walk back to Galileo . and its day 2 and this trip has already proven itself in singular moments of genuine awe  adoration laughter and promise.


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