when in doubt shake your head really hard and leaf blowers counter tops irons burning through finger tips bring it back and go it was well and settling down brushing up on barrier transgressions dialogue in epilogue in anticipation of  story telling dusting off little known kernels creeping through and emergent beams of light driving out the last dark little seeds from the pours of skin and making sense not to resist or insist or detest or contest or conspire or require and just admire the fire in now allow the ways to endeavor in faith less loosely based on the sparks the fireworks consuming attention bursting belligerently hasting magnificently time and Time here again greeting and seating and paying out debts for wagers made ages ago in hand-made booklets with short and simple poems by shy little girls quietly living in their minds deferring their thoughts to a boisterous and overpowering cacophony of squatters who had settled themselves there long ago without permission but with the provision that they would leave only when all eternity had imploded outward in a glorious spectacle of lies from their new home and they had determined those shy little girls were clearly and unmistakably dead and gone


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  1. Bryan Schultz said

    this is incredible.

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