Meditation: 2nd and 3rd Agreements


2nd- ‘Don’t take any negativity others do or say personally.’

3rd- ‘Don’t make assumptions about anything or anyone (avoid expectations).’

(Source: Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements)


I would like to have an open heart, be patient, be kind, always. I would like to greet every encounter with a spirit of generosity, open-mindedness, equanimity, patience, and understanding. I would like like to have faith that whatever I feel my needs or desires are, they are properly examined to ensure they are aligned with a pure intent, and that they will be met at the appropriate time. I would like to accept others exactly as they are, never judge them for being who they are, take nothing others may do or say personally, and make myself available to receive new thoughts and ideas that will facilitate my spiritual growth, and the spiritual growth of others.


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