Can you spell M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I?


OK I should do a blurb on the positive and negative experiences I had while fasting, and then something to capture the family vacation to Harrah’s Casino Resort in Tunica, Mississippi. I’m being super-duper remiss. I will address these tasks in the not distant future; pinky promise (yep, I went there-this I do for you, reader). I’m relieved to be home. Why relieved? Who knows. When did my new little room in this little, old house become home? Not entirely sure, but the feeling is certainly present: that I’m here now.

Ahem. Wait, here it comes. Let’s do the vacation now, but let’s just do some memorable moments and quotes. That should serve the purpose (long term memory aid):



“PEARL, YER DRUNK, PEARL!!!” (directed at me, sometime-several times- after ‘Ladies’ Night at the Fitz’)

“Once again, all our wins  for a night are dwarfed only by dad’s losses.” (on the car ride home from casino)

“One more thing, An-Dyer-Sun- What about Kee-Ah-Lay, An-Dyer-Sun?” (during Anderson Cooper’s interview of Nancy Grace on her coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, and her warped, ego-maniac accented manner of speak)


Mike: “Next meal is my treat!” (after every meal that dad pays tab for)

Atef: Oh yeah? You suck! (directed at Michael, after every meal that anyone but Michael picked up tab for)


“Mariana’s right, Michael. Gambling is bad! That’s why I haven’t gambled in over two years!”

::Mom chokes up, laughing and spitting out her freshly brewed morning coffee::


Regarding the debut of Michael’s recent, super-tight-showcase pant purchases

Mariana: Mike, you know I don’t like to see that all bulging up.

Mike: I know that’s the truth!


Regarding our IHOP server’s tab note that we have a ‘blessed day’, said in hopes dad would leave mom’s tip for her, without tampering.

Me: Look dad, she’s just like Jamie.

Mike: Who’s Jamie, dad? (super sarcastically) Dad doesn’t know who Jamie is..

Atef: (shocked) Jamie! From ‘Walk to Remember’!

::Mom chokes up, laughing and spitting out her freshly brewed afternoon coffee::



-The entire drive up-Mike and dad fighting over who’s not going to drive

-The entire trip-Mike and dad fighting over who’s not going to pay for next meal

-‘Fitz Ladies’ Night’ with Mariana!

-Mom ditching ‘family time’ (comedy night and movie night)  to work her (painfully slow and largely uneventful) magic on the slots.

-Comedy Zone. Opening comedian was a class act! Old soul with awesome sense of humor. Fell in love a little (always do).

-Seeing ‘Bridesmaids’ with Mike and Mariana.

-Conversation while tanning (and eventually burning) by the pool with Mariana

-The one roulette dealer with the misogynistic brand of humor. The super-nice gentleman roulette player who took the time to explain some of the roulette table procedures and etiquette. Winning $15 at the roulette table by placing outside bets.

-Working out kinks to a fool-proof, 7-iteration based, betting system to maximize odds of winning $$$ at roulette table with Michael. The catch? It requires b/w 5,000-$7,000 initial capital to buffer for initial losses. Patent pending.

-Telling everyone I met that I hoped they won a million dollars.

-Winning my mug and glass souvenirs.

-The deers -doing their deer-things, living out their deer-lives- by the Fitz Casino Hotel

-Watching the Wimbledon finals with Mike and Mariana.

-TONS of good conversation and great laughs with some of my favorite people on this planet!

-singing Disney song duets with Mike in the car

-Dad getting us an additional free room, some free internet passes, free food, free alcohol, etc. etc. etc. and just seamlessly and recklessly being the opportunist of the century at any and every possible moment that presented itself.


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