How do I make my letters slanty? The people need to know when I’m saying things ironically. Duh.


Some of the random pictures that are starting to show up on this blog roll are me finally taking initiative in learning how to use basic features of my WP blog –so are some of the recent (super technical) changes in text color, font, and lay out—that I *know* are  getting me noticed.

Thank me later, b-words.

Now, even when my life energy is being drained here, rambling and ranting without rhyme or reason–as a means of procrastination (that is, instead of working on the blog posts that I actually get paid to write)– it will ( at least) get channeled more creatively.

Fun Fact:

I chose to learn all these new e-features to the (befitting) tune of ‘Digital, Digital Get Down’ (one of a countless number of N’Sync tracks delivered to the ignorant masses well ahead of it’s time).

Boy band lyrics that thought provoking are (doubtless) a dying phenomena.

Can’t go there though-can’t let it get me down. Got to stay positive. Keep my shit upbeat.

so y’know, I’m sure there will be other (mad-machine-produced) boy bonds with lyrics whose depth and complexity rival that of our generation’s pioneers of sound and thought: N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, and (who could forget?) O-Town.

hahaha, O-Town       ..fuck those guys.

(seriously though, who remembers O-Town?)

But wait, now this rant can be accompanied by tantalizing imagery:

Title: ‘Remembering O-Town’

If the guy in the middle, let’s call him O-Town’s ‘Sweetheart Spice’, doesn’t attach this photo to his suicide, he’s not telling us the whole story.

I kid. None of them should be contemplating suicide. The one in the back right got that gig on Twilight…so that’s big. Baby Spice to the far right was always only just a clone of Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys, and those are supposed to be easy to put down. Let’s see..I’ll go ahead and call same-sies on the fate of the JC Chavez (N-Sync) clone (left-back) and AJ McClean (backstreet boys) clone (left-front).


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