Focus on the Metaphors


Cary and I were driving up to Jacksonville for Art Walk yesterday and Cary decided to drop some knowledge on my ass while I kept my paws on the wheel and eyes to the road ahead.

Cary explained this intuition: that she felt the art of creating really great metaphors was a much more challenging task, and rare a talent, than may be readily apparent to most.

She then shared this related intuition she harbored:  that, perhaps, it is through this subtle art of metaphor we can most accurately come to learn and gain knowledge about the science and art of the reality that is our Universe.

I know what you are thinking and the answer is, ‘No, she didn’t state these ideas that articulately’ . After all, this is Cary we’re talking about and so let’s not kid ourselves.  Am I right or am I right? 

Of course, I’m right.

I immediately shared her enthusiasm over these intuitions. She drew on her experiences from writing and reading poetry. I mentioned fables, the Bible itself, and then just started to let my mind wander..

I thought maybe the pathways of the planets around suns in solar systems and the make-up of these galaxies we think we perceive in the sky are not unlike those pathways  and the make-up of the protons and electrons around the nuclei of our cells.

Then I thought about how Cary is a metaphor for the universe trying to apprehend it’s own operating principals.

Consciousness intentionally attempting to transcend yet again and gain just enough awareness to reconstruct and recreate revolutionary principles and pathways that will generate more Cary’s and Mary’s, all increasingly eager to understand, navigate, perpetuate, and recreate their own unique reality frames of reference and relation to the universe  in increasingly profitable configurations.

Then I focused back on Cary, then the music, and finally back on the road.

In that order.

I thought about that for a moment, too.


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