to letting go of the past, cheers!


when the oppressed

don’t feel internal guilt anymore

or at least when they learn to place it

more appropriately

more accurately

within a complicated interwoven quilt of contextual variables

wherein their decision space was understandably

constrained and determined

not entirely   never entirely

but just enough to compromise informed decision making

when the guilt is understood and when the self is forgiven

and when the self is vindicated by this experience of context

and when the self is affirmed by a loving voice of reason

of camaraderie in shared first person experiences

well then you can save your  feel good hand outs

and silence your feel superior judgments

and tie your rope of subjective taken for granted assumptions

(you call it your pillow of objective truth)

over your head and around your own neck

(you say its between your neck and the bed  just under your head)

and never be the wiser

(you say you could never be wiser)

while we renew the whole world as you sleep

while we reinvent the morning

while we breath life back into your patterns

and we’ll still have breakfast ready for you in the morning

and all you’ll have to do

is trust our toast


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