Witches, Bitches, Ladies, and Tramps


We are better than
the movies and the music and the media
and our role models and our best friends and our mothers
and our fathers and our teachers and their teachers and our partners and their partners
and our coworkers and our bosses and history and society and culture
have let on
(especially when potential for transcendence and evolution are factored into the equation)
and though we  have presumed and have been persuaded
and though it has been suggested and protested and not much contested
that we are lesser
the only transgressor
is our own will to want to will to challenge to see to grow to lead (by example)
and to be who we will be guiltless and free
and acutely aware of the levels of external constraints involved in determining our paths
(much) more importantly
aware of our privileged perspective in creating and defining our own path

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