books about not books


How   so  far       do  you go
when you know very well
that you have no idea whatsoever
where in hell     such a devil         may lead
or   what on Earth   has possessed you    to   follow
who  in Heaven
has taken so passionately to the sport of  gambling
that their most precious has been wagered
yet again (nothing personal, of course)
and suspended
in a most precarious state
late    ly
 fate     faint  ly
has played a role   though     so

hand me the pencil   or paint   brush
music   sound   imagery     a book or two    movie    mix in
and some exchanges     plants   places  I can create from earlier in the day
people   or year and rearrange
and I'm going to write you a story
It's about you and me
and this whimsical red world excursion
Plenty of room for character development
less so for this setting
and  none for plot line  and
(never mention that last part
because its hot down here and you don't like Truth
and you were never listening anyways)


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