Sean Playing ‘Call of Duty’


Let’s tune in…

Sean (real-time recording):

Did you hear that, Bobo? The savages are kneeling for us in defeat…


Fighting this one for the Emperor..

(exaggerated Japanese accent) Arrrrhhhhhhoooo-hooo Arttttiiiiiwwweeeerrriieeee…
(probable translation: Oh, artillery)

Killed’ya ya dumb bitch. He thought he got me..and I just killed him.

Who convinced you guys it was safe to climb up this ladder? I still killed them.

I am fucked. Oh, there he is. Someone got up here. Interesting.

(exaggerated Japanese accent) Arrrrrhheeeweee finnndddddemmmmm sooooooo goooood (probable translation: Oh, we are going to find them so good).

Orrrhhhhh-urrrrhhhhh daay subbbbbmeeeeet, subbbmmeeeeta soo gooood (Oh, they submit. Submit so good).

Oorrrrhhhhhh eeeeeess reeeeaaaa goood celebraccciiooon–celebrraaaatte long time…weee gonnaaa celebrraaaate reaaaaaahh gooood (Oh, this is a real good celebration. Celebrate long time. We gonna celebrate real good).


2 Responses to “Sean Playing ‘Call of Duty’”

  1. I find your exaggerated Japanese accent to be quite offensive. I am thoroughly incensed. Incensed, I say. How dare you insult my adoring people……never mind. Carry on, but know that I am putting you on notice…Nippon, Banzai! Nippon, Banzai! etc, etc, etc.

  2. C.M.Marcous said

    Agreed. But I’m just the messenger. Sean’s the real monster. y’know, he calls me his ‘Lil Arab Scarab’ =-)

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