Halloween Exchange


I picked Sean up from work Sunday (he was in full In-Motion uniform–keep in mind), on Ole Hallow’s Eve (does anyone call it that? No? Too bad, it’s catchy). We had no plans, and let’s just say, sommmeboddddy had a wee bit of an attitude–

Sean: Man, it’s Halloween.
Mary: Aww, boo-boo, do you still want to go trick-
Sean: Noooooo (intonation indicates ‘yesssssss’).
Mary: Look, if you really want to go, I’ll take you–but I’m
not dressing up.
Sean: And what’s my costume? I’ll just go door to door,
‘Oh hey, trick-or-treat–what am I for Halloween,
you ask?–Oh, you know, I’m just your modern day
wage-slave laborer, home from a long day of work.’


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