GRE Blues: Installment 1


Let this be the first entry in a series of installments capturing my disillusion and discontent with having to take the GRE’s in order to honor the taken-for-granted assumptions my intelligence is a finite, measurable, and entirely commensurable subset of the presupposed super set of dimensions of  intelligence deemed meaningful by our societies’ dominant class and demographic.

GRE Sample Question

Select the Antonym (opposite) of the word IMPRECISE:

(A)  direct

(B)   resolute

(C)   voluminous

(D)  nice

(E)   perceptible


If you choose (A) or (B), you are like me, and you are wrong.

If you choose (C) or (E), you are not like me, and you are still wrong.

If you choose (D), you are correct, and either: 1. have already given up on the GRE at this point and are now Christmas-treeing your way through the exam, OR 2. you are one of the 1% of people that have come across the secondary meaning of nice, which means to require or be marked by great accuracy and skill and will now be credited as being more intelligent than your peers for your awkward mastery of grammar trivia.


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  1. Yoo said

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