The following is a real time recording of Laser and Sean researching dollar value on their Magic the Gathering card decks. Let’s tune in…

L: 49 cents to 40 cents

S: What about subversion?

L: 32 to (inaudible).

S: How much was subversion?

L: 32 to 1.02. Next one. Throw me an Oreo.

S: Cackling bitch. Let’s find out what price he’d fetch in the open market.

::mutual chuckles::

S: Quagmire lamprey.

L: 24 cents to 8 cents.

S: eradicate.

L: 84 cents to 74 cents.

S: If I can get half the lowest amount for these…

L: We’ll find out tomorrow.

S: Outbreak.

L: 27 cents.


Haiku 5-7-5


A sealess shoreline,
beyond concrete symmetry
dreamer's oasis.
Enough syllables,
to emphasize how useless
a haiku can be.