Marebear Qua Doppleganger?


I learned a new concept today: doppleganger.

A doppleganger represents the ghostly evil clone of a normal (usually good) character.

Marebear is what close friends and loved ones call me when I quote unquote Act more Bear, than Mare.

That being said, Marebear started off as an  innocent nickname or label of sorts for less than innocent behavior I have been known to display in certain contexts. However, it has (arguably) become increasingly clear that Marebear displays qualities indicative of her own independent, uniquely evolving entity.

Consider the following:

Marebear is, in most regards, considerably less friendly or kind-hearted and (certainly) more competitive than Mary. She thinks its funny to trash things others care about, put them down for being who they are, beat them at things they think they’re good at, and make tasteless jokes (usually) at the expense of others.

This has lead me to conclude the possibility exists that Marebear is none other than Mary’s doppleganger. Now, labels are funny things though, and this conclusion may lead others to conclude Mary is none other than a schizophrenic-that is, Marebear qua Doppleganger is simultaneous with Mary qua Schizo.

So a lesson of this aside (a momentary trailing off of some lonely series of ostensibly disorganized thoughts):

Words are labels are signposts with multifarious subjective connotations and qualitative representations. Let us not take any of them too seriously, less we create more problems than laughs.


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