Hunter S. Thompson


There will be a day I’ll want it, somewhere down the road. Stability and routine. The routinization of my day, my life. That is what my problem is:  I don’t want any of that right now.

Sean and I were at Mellow Mushroom enjoying lunch after a beach day excursion. I saw a mural with a picture of a gentleman Sean identified as Hunter S. Thompson. I had heard his name several times in passing but had never really tuned into his story. As Sean recounted the life and way of being of this cat, I listened. Enamored. Wide-eyed. What a character! What a hopelessly free, insane genius creating his own little niche on his own grand terms.

I have my whole life to fall into comfortable habits, patterns, routines, structure. Now is not that time for me (painfully clear) and it’s going to have to be balls to the wall soon. I just know it. I’ll make use of the time–but I do need that time–quite a while and away from social structure. My own niche, create my own vision of the good life– so I’ll at least have a better idea of what I’m chasing after when I reintegrate. I don’t think I’m asking for a lot or anything I’m not entitled to and yet it is out of some obscure concerns over appearing selfish or irresponsible (as opposed to odd, which I concern myself much less with these days) that I have yet to act.


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