How is All That “Hope” and “Change” Working Out For You?


That’s the question Sean and I read off a bumper sticker gracing the back of a pickup truck whose owner, we couldn’t help but notice, had a tattoo on his arm of the contiguous United States colored in with the pattern of the American flag. Now in highschool and even into college, that negative sarcasm would have pist me right off. We initially just chuckled it off, but then I took a moment to reflect…How is all that “hope” and “change” working out for me? Well, not too shabby. I got a sweet ass tax return, I don’t check anymore for current airfare rates for one-way ticket prices to Canada, and I certainly don’t suffer from the same level of cognitive dissonance I had when George Bush was crusading us straight through the 21st century..right into our graves…nope, not now. I like listening to Obama speak. I understand what he’s saying. He makes logical sense to me. And he cares about disenfranchised populations…he thinks all humans deserve certain minimal ‘quality of life’ standards…like healthcare…that, perhaps, measures of progress and measures of profit are not one in the same. Yep, I’m not just being informed of decisions being made in the political arena, I’m actually being held accountable and encouraged to participate in civic life (and not just once every four years). Bottom line: I’m falling in love with a married man. He’s going out and talking to other nations and peoples as if they were our equals and acknowledging our mistakes…I guess it’s working out for me just spendidly, I mean..things can always be done better and we should always stay focused on improvement…but that bumper sticker made me reflect…and appreciate…how much things are changing in ways I had hoped for…so I guess, what I’m trying to say is, thank you Citizen Patriot for making me reflect a little, appreciate a lot…


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