Show Dog Tantrums and Trophy Wife Blues


It can’t all be roses, I’ve always known that. Lately, however, I’ve been wondering how much better life could get. I love everything about my new job; my coworkers, the benefits, and the mission itself. I come home to wonderful home-cooked dinners. I have plenty of time to read. I get to channel my creativity into my work. So what’s there to complain about? Not much..

Well, alright. It’s my home life. Dynamics among the infamous triad, Babylon-Sean-Marebear have, well, left me wondering where I went wrong…especially with raising Baby. Don’t get me wrong, Baby is the love of my life..a genuine blue-ribbon show dog by all’s just…well, he treats Sean like dried up dog shit. Really condescending and uber-critical of every move Sean makes…and Sean has made more than one phone call to me on the job to let me know what kind of antics Babylon has been pulling. Like just today, Sean was taking Baby on his mid-afternoon stroll when Baby decided to shit on a neighbor’s yard while the neighbor was visiting with a friend in his garage, entirely in view. Sean, embarrassed, tugged on Baby’s leash and had to basically drag him back onto the street wherein Baby, in an act of defiance and rebellion, proceeded to drag and smear his shit all over the street cement…and of course the phone call I received from Sean informing me of the quarrel only increased the tension brewing between them…

Fast forward to my coming home, Baby’s got his ‘I shit above the hole’ face on and Sean, having taken to the temporary role of trophy wife (while job hunting) is making a point to recap the havoc Baby has wreaked over the course of the day…I had come home to a regular shit-show. Sean continues to threaten I’ll come home to him, ‘drinking mojitos with the old ladies out by the pool’ and giving me the stink-eye, silent treatment while serving dinner…trophy wife behavior..trophy wife blues, I mean I have empathy..but honestly. I’m not too worried yet, the only friend Sean made in the neighborhood so far is Eeeee (pronounced like the long E sound…hence the spelling)…and Eeeee is definitely not the cookie-cutter, trophy wife type…

Babylon has yet to make any friends, but thats largely his own fault. He refuses to branch out and explore his options. He thinks dogs are primitive, he’s taken to hours of lounging around and is definitely gaining weight (not that I’d ever dare tell him that). He’s going for a grooming appointment tomorrow, I promised him quality one-on-one time since Sean is out of town. Babylon has expressed his disdain for what he refers to as Sean’s so-called ‘Daddy Dreams’…Well, it can’t always be roses. I’ve always known that.

Sean and Baby vacationing on Mommy's tab...

Sean and Baby vacationing on Mommy’s tab…


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