Oh, you’ll know


Sean is cleaning and packing up stuff in his bedroom and I need an excuse not to help out..again. I thought this would be a good time to discuss the time-ole question: How do you know it’s love?  It wasn’t till as recently as yesterday that I knew Sean really must love me. Don’t get me wrong, he had dropped some noteworthy hints over the past few years; creative gifts, constant attention, outright declarations of undying love, appreciation, loyalty, dedication, encouragement, moving in with me, sharing his life with me….like I said, noteworthy hints that maybe this cat had a thing for lil ole me, but certainly nothing written in stone (or blood, preferrably). Until yesterday. So what sealed the deal? Well, we were driving over to Brooksville from Jacksonville with a recently purchased cheese pizza sitting on Sean’s lap. Since I was driving, Sean had the duty of distributing slices. First round slices, I notice Sean gave me the larger slice (fluke, I thought to myself..or the fool just isn’t paying attention). Then, second round slices happen…again, I get the larger slice..third and last round, same deal. When it’s all said and done, Sean collects napkins, closes up the box, looks at me smiling and says, “Look Mare-bear, you got all the biggest slices.” Keeping my eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, I nonchalantly asked, “Mare-bear the winner?” and Sean instantly reassured, “Yes, Mare-bear’s the winner. Mare-bears always the winner.” Well that shit got right to me, you know. Thinking back on the beginning of the relationship and how I was shy to even eat a slice of pizza infront of him, let alone eat as much as him infront of him..to mid-relationship where secret was out of the bag that my appetite dwarfed little boi blue’s and who got the largest slice was determined by Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ principle…..to yesterday, the day I finally realized Sean really loves me.


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