New Beginning


My first offical entry! Sean is cleaning his dorm room for the last time, and I had to find an excuse not to help clean. We’ve been soaking up as much of Deland as we can during these last few days before Sean graduates. We went to Deleon Springs with Care-Bear and Billy-Goat wherein I was the first person in recorded history to spot a wild otter swimming through the  springs and, thanks to me, people from all over the county that had come to visit our great land’s only documented ‘fountain of youth’ were able to witness this unprecedented miracle of life. My good deed for the day. Sean’s definitely got some seperation anxiety about parting with Stetson..who are we kidding, “some seperation anxiety”…the man’s a train wreck, I honestly can’t stand to see him like this. I tried to reassure him that life here would go on just fine without him…that no one would probably even realize he’s gone…..but that didn’t seem to help much. I for one am excited about the future…which, I mean, I only have a vague idea of what exactly ‘the future’ entails, but I have noticed that I’m getting uncomfortably close to embodying the traditional American Dream…homeowner, happily situated with my other half, and of course- Babylon- the cutest dog this side of the Mississippi… definitely the sense of a new beginning..


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